Warehousing & Transport

Every year the number of sold products that we package and deliver to customers is increasing.

The increased volume of business activities is positive, but due to significant decrease of prices of medicinal products that are a very important part of in our business, overall profitability has been reduced. Given such circumstances, Warehousing and Transport Department has implemented strategic decision based on rationalization and optimization of all processes and productivity stimulation of educated and expert employees in line with internal quality management system, good distribution practice, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Besides strategic decisions implemented for the success of this segment, investments from previous period also play a major role. Due to market requirements and increased competition we have opened a few warehouses on three locations in Croatia that serve as distribution sites for deliveries that are performed solely with thermo-regulated vehicles. Thanks to rationalization of everyday processes, knowledge and ideas from our employees and increased productivity we accomplished excellent results. We will transfer our positive energy to the following period where even more demanding projects await.